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Latest Caller Reports


Total scam do not trust

23:21 Thu 20 Feb 2020


TEXT MSG: "Sweet! You just landed yourself some real good stuff LINK" I cant view the link now for some reason.

23:47 Wed 19 Feb 2020


Starkville, ms wi stream internet service

19:47 Wed 19 Feb 2020


scammer claims to be SSGT Scarlett Ayala of the Air Force, air traffic controller at McGuire AFB, NJ. we txted, i used a burner number, then she,he,it asks for a $100 google play card so her 5 year old son could buy games. son lives with his grandmother, alledgedly.

13:20 Wed 19 Feb 2020


I never answer unrecognized calls & they never leave a message but they call EVERY day. Who knows? Assume it's another scam because I've called back anonymously & the number is not a working number. Using spoof tech maybe?

00:41 Wed 19 Feb 2020


this number continues to call, yet does not leave a message

21:57 Tue 18 Feb 2020



21:37 Tue 18 Feb 2020


Keeps calling leaving no message. It's not a number of anyone I know.

20:55 Tue 18 Feb 2020


Shows up as a Scam Likely call, but its a Minnesota phone number, I am in Oklahoma, but I have family in Minnesota, so I answered it, no one there, no message, no noise. Called back, numbers dials but no noise, no voice, not message nothing.

19:39 Tue 18 Feb 2020


Noon-ish time call, I don't get calls on the phone I use unless it's a scam. Animals.

19:08 Tue 18 Feb 2020

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