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Latest Caller Reports


This is a woman named Phyllis Phillips or one of the 50 alias names she uses to con married men who own small businesses out of their hard earned cash! Ladies if you see this number on your mans cell or cell bill take action she works fast! May be listed in contacts as Phyl or pp!

01:11 Thu 19 Sep 2019


unsolicited call, called multiple times

00:46 Thu 19 Sep 2019


Missed call Sprint Voice mail...

22:31 Wed 18 Sep 2019


Scam call - caller ID said American Express - not

20:10 Wed 18 Sep 2019


Keeps bothering me over and over

15:53 Wed 18 Sep 2019


Made contact through IG first. Immediately requested to use another app like hangout. Request email. Letter send through email was a copy and paste job from other scam letters. Stated his name was Richard Alvin from Atlanta, GA.

12:40 Wed 18 Sep 2019


Robocall trying to sell an updated home security systems.

21:12 Tue 17 Sep 2019


Automated call about getting more credit for my Visa credit card, (I don't have a credit card). The recording says you can press 9 to stop getting calls (sure right). They call me daily, same recording but from different phone numbers. Sometimes I get a real person on the line but when I ask them to please remove my number they just hang up on me.

18:14 Tue 17 Sep 2019


cassoc for fire - callerid

16:42 Tue 17 Sep 2019


Just messaged me a link to some spam prize website.

16:23 Tue 17 Sep 2019

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