Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 4:20PM


I am really proud of this course.  Even though it is only an hour long it touches on over 20-years of my experience in Bioengineering.  You will learn why Don Gray and I prefer the term "Biotechnical Stabilization".

The course includes fascinating facts about the history of bioengineering in the West. Where did the term “Straw Wattle” originate?  Bet you didn't know my Grandpa John McCullah was a practicing Bioengineer back in 1910 -  protecting the banks of the King River near Hanford CA from erosion.

Answers to the question about “design life” of biotechnical methods lie in understanding successional reclamation? Plus, this course will offer 4 of the most useful willow methods.  And you will learn why you should place your willow so a beaver cant pull it out and why "If you've got a hole, plant a pole" is a mantra spoken after one of my courses.

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